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WE NO LONGER show, the dogs below are from past showing (not all of these dogs were shown by us, some were shown by their new owners or we bought them as finished champions).

We're currently not showing any dogs but may get back into it at a later date.  All these "winners" were bred here at Strawberry River OR were or are owned by Strawberry River!  (everyone keep those show pics coming!)   


Fergus' first big win.

Cleadus Earl became an international champion while we owned him.

One of our home bred puppies, Magnum, at one of his first dog shows, he went on to become a Mexican & Canadian champion.

ABOVE: This was the first puppy we ever produced here that became an AKC champion, his daughter went on to win best of breed at Westminster!!

The first westie we ever personally showed, Charly won the entire terrier group and took a group 3 (third place) out of all the winning terriers at this show!


One of our home bred puppies at one of her first dog shows.

Bristol won a ribbon at the fair dog show!!

 This boy became an international champion.

Loki has started his agility career in Sparks NV.

Chili is currently showing from time to time, his owner is working on his AKC title.

Elvis became an international champion while we owned him, he was shown by a friend.  Elvis was the second dog we ever showed, everyone loved his looks and personality.  He was the grandsire of a Best Of Breed Papillon at Westminster!

Cody is the most titled Westie in the Nadac agility trails!