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See any available puppies on Current Litters page!  It'll be almost two years before we have another smooth coat litter.  All our upcoming litters are long coats.

UPCOMING CHIHUAHUA LITTERS:  NO LITTERS ON THE WAY RIGHT NOW.  All litters are longcoats sired by my AKC champion studs.  Chihuahua puppy prices are $2500 to $3500.  Individual pricing depends upon many different factors like expected grown size, coat type, sex, pedigree, whether for pet, show or breeding.  

We use and highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins! Go to http://www.nuvet.com/45641 to order before you take your puppy home, or if you just want to learn more about it.  Puppies are on Royal Canin Mini Starter.  Be sure to pick up a small bag before you come to get your puppy!

READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS!! **  I don't recommend flour based dog treats.  Dogs get fat on empty calories but who is blamed... The breeder!  Treats CAN be great for training though, so why not make your own homemade treats?  SUPER EASY TO MAKE, grill or saute beef liver, (or any other red meat or chicken) until dried out.  Cool, cut into small cubes and freeze in freezer bags. I also treat mine with freeze dried meat like Stella Chewy's.  Many dogs also like raw or dehydrated fruits and vegetables such as raw carrots and dehydrated sweet potatos.  Most of my dogs love to chew on deer antlers, we cut each antler into smaller lengths.  Always do research to make sure what you plan to feed is safe for your dog!