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Tracey Owens, 201 Simstown Rd, Evening Shade, Arkansas, 72532,  call or text 870-847-5715.  Email:  Note: Arkansas has 3 Evening Shades.. Our zip code is 72532, never rely on GPS or the internet, PLEASE ask in advance for directions! 


WE RAISE AKC CHAMPION grandsired westies, champion sired toy fox terriers, champion sired chihuahuas. And co-own a trio of champion sired & grandsired shih tzus.

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We use and highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins! Go to to order before you get your puppy home, or if you just want to learn more about them!

We feed Fromm, Victor, and Healthy Extensions brand dog foods but there are many excellant foods on the market.  Our puppies are on Fromm Classic Puppy.  **  READ THE INGREDIENTS LABELS!! **  Steer clear of corn, wheat, soy for westies!  The other dogs seems to do fantastic on the foods that have some corn in them.  Some say Westies can have problems with chicken so try lamb or beef if that happens with your dog.  PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR PUPPY COMMERCIALLY MADE DOG TREATS (that use the bad grains) until after your guarantee expires.  Your pup doesn't need the empty calories and some grains can cause allergies!  Treats CAN be great for training though, so why not give them your own homemade treats?  SUPER EASY TO MAKE, grill or saute beef liver, (or any other red meat) until dried out.  Cool, cut into small cubes and put in freezer bags. Or buy treats made from meat without all the fillers, grains, and chemicals.  Many dogs also like raw or dehydrated fruits and vegetables such as raw carrots and dehydrated sweet potatos.  Always do research to make sure what you plan to feed is safe for your dog!





Zira and Bug's Cruz.

Chili is from Strawberry River Westies. This was taken at his first dog show. Thanks for the picture Sarah!

I highly recommend and use NUVET PET VITAMINS, order at his link.