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TRACEY OWENS, 201 SIMSTOWN RD, EVENING SHADE, AR  72532  **  Dennis and I have been married since 1993.  Between us we have 4 kids and 11 grandkids!!  My son is disabled Army, my son in law is active duty Air Force.  Each have seen many tours of duty in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, etc... serving our country.  We're very proud of them!  We have a family big into military and police work.

We live on 30 wooded acres in the Ozark Foothills of Northeast Arkansas, our house overlooks the scenic Strawberry River just north of Evening Shade.  It's a great place to vacation while picking up your puppy!  Lots of antique & craft malls within thirty miles on either side of us, lots of clear lakes and rivers for water sports and fishing, lots of woods for deer hunting, etc..  The Strawberry River below our home is a really fun shallow river great for swimming, tubing, canoeing, and fishing! We'd be glad to show you around if we are able!

I raised a few litters of pups from my pets off and on for over 20 years while holding down full time office jobs in a factory and several banks.  We found westies around 1996.  I finally quit my job at the bank back in the late 90's, and have been raising dogs full time ever since. We showed papillons and westies in AKC conformation for awhile, but showing was not for us.  I still sell for pet or show, because our dogs are out of exceptional champion lines and we have several finished champions.  We usually have around 12-15 breeding age female dogs at any given time, we have westies, chihuahuas, and toy fox terriers.  Our housepets are a Dogue De Bordeau mastiff named Sig, 2 chihuahuas Mouse and Sam, and a bull mastiff named Tank..  

Our "puppy nursery" is a large converted walk-in closet and bathroom off the ground level master bedroom (our dogs have the master suite, we sleep in the loft!  tongue-out  The westie kennel is 42x22 concrete slab with insulated dog houses and 10x10x6 covered pens, 1-2 dogs housed per pen to avoid squabbles.  The chihuahua and tft kennel is a heated/cooled building with runs on concrete.

REGISTRATION: Our breeding dogs are all AKC registered.  Our dogs are from excellant champion bloodlines, most of our studs are AKC champions.  WE DO NOT SELL TO PET SHOPS, DOG BROKERS, ETC.... and due to problems with less than honest breeders, we don't often sell with breeding rights.

GENETIC TESTING: Our dogs have general health and patella's vet checked prior to breeding.  Our stud males are all DNA tested in complaince with AKC rules.  Any dog found to have any heriditary defect is immediately retired from our breeding program.  Our Toy Fox Terriers come from tested stock, our champion tft's Moe and Thomas have tested clear of the three main tft genetic disease.  Our girls have finished all their testing now too.  ****  We're inspected by AKC usually every 18 months, we have always been found in compliance with their rules.  If you need to check on us, you can call AKC  or I'll send a copy of our akc compliance reports.. 

I prefer to let dogs be dogs and run as much as possible on the ground.  So most of the time the westies stay in the kennel on concrete (crated in the house on extremely cold nights), but the girls often run loose in our very large yard to play (when they're not in season). Our little dogs have a kennel building with heat and air, and inside/outside runs.  *** Our puppies are born and raised in the house. All expectant dams are brought into the house 3 weeks prior to delivery and stay near me until the puppies are born (sleeping in their crate next to my bed, etc...).  About five days after birth, dam and pups are moved into the nursery (AKA our master suite walk in closet).  Because of the way we keep pregnant and nursing dogs in the house, when we retire our girls, they adjust very quickly to their new homes and housebreak fast. **** Our dogs are NOT kept in show coats, I groom them for function, not show.

SHOTS: We give our own shots (only shots recommended by our vet), at 5, 7, 10, and 14 weeks.  Rabies is given by the vet at three months of age.

MICROCHIPS:We microchip ALL our pups and WE personally register each pup's chip in their new owner's name.  We found out the hard way that if we don't do it ourself, it often doesn't get done. We use AKC Reunite chips and we charge the buyer $25 for the chip and registration of the chip into buyer's name.

We highly recommend NuVet Plus Vitamins for our puppy buyers and all our puppies are on this vitamin!  Go to to order or if you just want to learn more about them!    

WE FEED FROMM CLASSIC PUPPY AND VICTOR Select Beef Meal & Brown Rice, mixed with Health Extensions dog food.  READ THE INGREDIENTS LABEL!!  Steer clear of corn, wheat, soy... BUT DON'T GO GRAIN FREE.  make sure first ingredient is meat or meat meal.  PLEASE DO NOT FEED YOUR PUPPY A LOT OF COMMERCIALLY MADE DOG TREATS until after the guarantee expires at one year of age.  IF YOU WANT TO TREAT A DOG, give them homemade liver treats, baby carrots, or dehydrated sweet potato chips.... My dogs even like turnips.. Making your own treats is easy, holler at me for suggestions or research recipes online.  Just steer clear of fattening things that have no nutritional value!