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NOT FOR SALE, These are our stud dogs.

Our AKC champion sired and grandsired westie pups are usually $1200-$1650 to pet homes, slightly higher to show kennels.  See ALL available pups on the Available Puppies page!  We offer stud service to most of our studs, see the Stud Service page for details..  

For up to date puppy availability and upcoming litter info, go to Available Pups page.

Westies are a very, very smart, stubborn, loyal, energetic, mischevious, feisty, an all around "terrier" breed. A strong willed westie puppy can be hard to train but once trained with make an exceptional dog. Not all westie pups are strong willed, but some of them are!! This is not a breed for everyone! Although not considered a hyper breed, some can be hyper when they're young but eventaully outgrow it. Westies make WONDERFUL hardy healthy smart family pets, and they're great with kids.  The westie was bred to hunt vermin, so they are a fearless little dog that doesn't know it's too small to take on a Rottweiler. A westie that sees a rat or squirrel or even a cat running across the road will often ignore all commands and chase after it.  KEEP YOUR WESTIE ON A LEASH WHEN OUTDOORS IF YOU LIVE NEAR ANY ROADS!  They absolutely love to dig and most of them love to jump and play in any body of water... An untrained westie can become an obedience problem and can even get nippy when it's crossed, so be sure you are the firm, patient, and consistent type of person who enjoys the challenges of training a smart but sometimes willful and headstrong pup!! And CONTRARY TO WHAT MANY BREEDERS CLAIM, westies DO shed some (especially seasonally) but frequent combing with a fine tooth comb (or hand stripping or clipping) will keep it to a bare minimum.

WE DO NOT KEEP OUR WESTIES IN SPARKLING WHITE SHOW COATS. Go to the Westie Gallery page to see past pups and dogs so you can see what gorgeous white coats our dogs produce!  Frequent bathing is hard on the westie's coat and will soften that good "hard" coat as well as dry out the skin setting them up for fungal and bacterial skin infections. I recommend the book "Westies From Head To Tail", by Ruth Faherty, you can find it at Barnes & Nobel or ebay.com. It has extensive step by step information on the three grooming methods for westies, also ear taping, feeding, training, etc.... THIS BOOK IS A MUST HAVE FOR ALL WESTIE OWNERS!  Another great resource would be the Westie Club of America website.  I highly recommend grooming powder for harsh coated breeds.  I've been raising westies for almost 12 years now, so buyers can ask me anything westie related, but if you bought your pup from someone else and it has issues, please don't come to me for advice.  If you trust the breeder enough to buy a pup from them, contact them when you have questions or issues.  I have limited time and must devote it all to my puppy buyers.

Our studs are DNA'd according to AKC rules, and their patellas, hips, heart, eyes, and all over general health vet checked before we start using them for breeding. We do not do the extensive genetic testing and certification and we are not members of the national breed club.



AKC CH SAND CASTLES ROYAL MAGIC  ** My friend Frances has so kindly offered me the indefinite use of her champion male Magic born 11/08!  Weighs 16 lbs, 19 champions in five generations.  His pups will go to pet or show homes only.  NO STUD SERVICE OFFERED TO MAGIC because he is on loan from Frances Fielder of Tooties Cuties Westies.  If you want AKC champion stud service, contact her.


JAYZEE, son of AKC CH UNKAS ZO ZLATEJ ZAHRADY & GEMSTON'S TANZIE  ** Born 3/28/13, current weight UNDER 13lbs!!  We needed a smaller stud for our smaller females and Jayzee is just perfect!  27 champions on his five generation pedigree.  Jayzee's ear met with an accident during grooming when he was younger, that's why one looks slightly different from the other.   Pet or show homes only for Jayzee pups, no breeders.  May consider stud service to qualified bitches WITH STRICT CONTRACT.  

JAYZEE HOPEFULLY HAS SEVERAL LITTERS ON THE WAY, due the end of August and into September.

SIVERBUG MR MANIAC "BUG"  ** Son of Serbian CH AL' PHONSUS CAPONE DE ABALONE X SILVERBUG STARDUST.  Born 7/15/15.  42 champions in five generations!