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We own 7 toy fox terriers, (2 AKC champion studs and 5 champion sired or grandsired females). Our champion sired pups will be priced to pet/show/breeding homes from $800-$1500 each.  See past puppies on the TFT Gallery page.  Our TFT's are finer boned than many on the market.

Originally created as smaller version of their larger Smooth Fox Terrier ancestors, Toy Fox Terriers have been used for a variety of tasks.  Serving as ratters on farms and as hunters of small game such as squirrel. They have been successful circus dog performers and their intelligence helps them to do well in obedience and agility competitions. Their most important purpose, however, is to be a loyal, loving, and devoted companion that amuses and entertains their families.  Truckers love Toy Fox Terriers because of their fierce loyalty and their small size, they are great watch dogs and bark to warn you of strangers or anything amiss!

The TFW is adaptible, intelligent, loyal, protective, friendly, affectionate with family (but they have fragile legs so keep an eye on the kids!), easy to groom, generally healthy, playful and energetic.  They get along well with other dogs in the household, but not small animals like gerbils or hamsters.  They have a high prey drive which can overrule all training if you allow them to run loose.  Very similar to the Westie in that regard!    

Available puppies are on the Available Pups page!!


This is AKC CHAMPION STORMIN'S N TOCUTE RINGSIDE DYNAMO (AKA "MOE"). Son of AKC GRAND CH STORMIN'S N TOCUTE RINGSIDE DYNAMO x TOCUTE N STORMIN'S DEVILISH DESIGN. DOB 5/15. Weight 6.5 lbs. 38 champions in five generations. Moe is a sweetheart. Loves to jump up in my lap and give kisses! Loves to leap into your arms.

Moe is clear of PLL parentage, and tested normal/clear of SCA & CHG. Moe is available for stud.

Thomas (AKC CH TNT&TOCUTE'S NITRO EXPRESS V MARRIC) just came to us 3/19 from Tocute Toy Fox Terriers.  Thomas was born 4/4/12.  We plan to keep back some females, to breed to Moe.  Clear of PLL, clear by parentage of the other main genetic diseases in tft's.

Diva, daughter of UKC CH PATRICK'S STRIKE UP THE BAND x TOCUTE DREAMS DO COME TRUE.  5.5 lb, 6/13/16.  At least 16 champions in five generations.  Shy dog but a wonderful mother throwing friendly happy outgoing babies!!  Clear of CHG by parentage, clear of DM, carrier/not affected of PLL (will always be bred to clear males so that pups will not be carriers or affected)

TOCUTE STRAWBERRY KELI, champion grandsired, 23 champions in five generations.  Keli is sweet and mischievious, active and happy.  Weight is 5.5 lbs.

Kelli is clear of CHG AND SCA, a carrier of PLL (always bred to a clear male so that puppies will not be carriers or affected).

DOT, granddaughter of AKC Champion TOCUTE LIL MISS FANCY, 7 lbs.  Dot has been genetically tested and is clear of CHG, PLL, and SCA, the three main genetic diseases in TFT's..

S R Tocute I'm Amazing (Mazy).  Picture coming very soon.  She's only seven months old.