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We offer stud service to our WELL BRED QUALITY CHAMPION AND CHAMPION SIRED STUD DOGS..  If you are not able to bring your dog to us, we can ship semen to canine sperm banks in the US, the total cost for kit and overnight shipping to your choice of sperm banks or repro vet is around $300, plus the cost of stud service (all to be paid in advance of collection).  Whatever the sperm bank & vet charges you will be your responsibility to them.  We have used a bank in Florida and one in Oregon, both are excellant.  I have to order the kit well in advance, so if you want stud service, be sure to set things up WELL in advance of your girl's expected heat cycle..  

All our studs are either champions or the sons of at least one champion parent.  

Fee is $800 westies,  $600 toy fox terrier. $600-$700 chihuahua. Shih Tzu $600.

CASH DUE when female is dropped off to be bred, we don't do puppy back stud service.  We guarantee pregnancy only.  If your dog is unable to have live puppies or raise her babies, it's deemed not to be the fault of our males (because they have sired LOTS of live and thriving puppies).  But if your girl does not get pregnant and you bring proof from your vet that a few days before or after her due date she showed no sign of pregnancy, you get one free stud service in the future.   If we no longer have that stud, you can pick a different stud.

Your girl will come to our kennel once she is nearly ready to breed and stay until breeding is complete (generally 6-9 days).  Please be flexible and pick her up when she is ready to go home, if we need to board her longer, it's $40 per week boarding.  We can work out exact details as soon as she comes in heat. Please bring her crate, food and toys.  She will be kept in my home, but with regular potty breaks outside in a large pen 4 times per day.

MEDICAL: She will need a flea treatment when she first comes in heat or within a month before heat.  She should be wormed well and vaccinations up to date BEFORE coming in heat. Your girl needs to be taken to the vet anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months before she comes in heat, and a brucellosis test done as well as a basic physical.  Test results need to be brought with you along with a copy of your girl's AKC papers and pedigree.  Brucelossis is a terrible disease among many species of animals including Bison, cattle, dogs, etc... and is on the rise in dogs in the US.  We will not take any chances on bringing that into our kennel...   

To see pedigrees, please click on the relevant pedigree pages.  Contact or call/text 870-847-5715. Like us on facebook at Strawberry River Westies & Toy Fox Terriers


AKC CH LAMAR'S GUILTY PLEASURE - S, $700 cash stud fee upfront at time of mating.

LAVIDA'S BUZZ ABOUT TOWN S R, "BUZZ" is the son of an AKC champion.  He's 3.5 lbs. Stud fee $500.

WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER:  BUG, son of Serbian Champion AL' PHONSUS CAPONE DE ABALONE, at least 44 champions in five generations.  Stud fee $800.


WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER:  JAYZEE, son of AKC CH UNKAS ZO ZLATEJ ZAHRADY, at least 27 champions in five generations.  Stud fee $800.

 Moe is a finished AKC champion, he is 6.5 lbs.  Stud service is $600.  He is a natural and very agressive breeder!  Moe is clear of PLL by parentage, and tested normal/clear of SCA and CHG. 

 AKC Champion TNT&TOCUTE'S NITRO EXPRES V MARRIC (Thomas) is seven years old.  Around 6 lbs.  Clear either by parentage or direct testing of all the major genetic diseases.  Available for stud fee of $600.

 AKC champion sired shih tzu stud, at least 37 champions in five generations.  10-11 lbs.  Stud fee $700.